at the Lake Placid Public Library

A Cornell Cooperative Extension Essex County Master Gardener Visibility and Teaching Garden

The Stairwell Perennial Garden was originally created over 40 years ago. This compact urban garden tumbles down toward Mirror Lake and draws the eye of Main Street pedestrians to a view of the lake seen between the building-lined street. Please feel free to go through the gate and follow the stairs down to the Library’s lakeside lawn and gardens. Adirondack chairs and a picnic table are there for you to relax and enjoy.

The Adirondack Woodland Native Plants Garden and Lakeshore Plantings feature native plants, shrubs and trees that are found in the upland areas of the Adirondack mountains. The woodland native plants are generally more shade-loving whereas the lakeshore plantings thrive in sunnier, drier locations. In this garden, native plants are considered to be those which occurred in this region without cultivation at the time of European settlement.

The Adirondack Native Garden was created in 2000 by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Essex County Master Gardener Volunteers and friends of the Library. It is both educational and a celebration of Adirondack natural beauty. The garden was featured in the book  “GARDENS Adirondack Style” by Janet Loughrey, 2005. Many of the plants in the Native Plants Garden were “rescued” from the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails when a section of the Jackrabbit Trail was rerouted. A list of the plants found in this garden is available and information on the native plants can be found in the GARDEN NOTEBOOK at the library front desk.

The memorial Lily Garden was established in 1984 in memory of Polly Turner by her family.  This garden was originally in the front of the library on Main Street but in the library renovation and expansion of 2000, a handicap entrance ramp was installed and the Lily Garden was transplanted to the lake side of the library. In 2001, three Dwarf Crabapple trees were planted in memory of Barbara Gottwalt on the Lakeside Lawn and a “Pink Diamond” Hydrangea tree was planted in the Stairwell Garden in memory of Matt Lynch.  In 2006, a native  Shadbush (Amelanchier sp.) was planted in memory of Anna E. Sprague.

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